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The thought never crossed my mind to write a book until a dear friend gave me a gift for Christmas. The gift was a subscription to Storyworth. Each week I was to receive a new email with a question about some aspect of my life. All I had to do was write a response and email it back to Storyworth. At the end of the process all the responses would be bound together in a book regaling my tales. I thought, “Well, this could be fun. I do tell a lot of stories.”

As I got into it, the questions became a little more involved. I had to think about how much and which stories to tell. I gave myself some limitations. I decided to leave out all the stories where someone’s feelings could get hurt. I also decided not to “name names” in many of my stories for the same reason. And what’s more I didn’t want to reveal some of the most recent events, knowing that this book of essays would probably get read by some of the cast of characters still in my life. I also decided not to write about the more serious tragedies which affected me deeply, some of which still haunt me today. I left out the summer of 1966. I had to. It was BS. And by BS, I mean “Before Sandy.” Some things from my high school days are better off unexamined. I left out an 8,000-mile motorcycle adventure I undertook in 1969, which in itself would easily fill an entire volume. Last but not least, I left out all the truly memorable “going away” parties and other epic “nights on the town.”

Even though I had to leave out all stories that I shouldn’t be telling. I still had a wealth of yarns from which to expound. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Is there going to be another book? “I don’t know. Funny you should ask again.”




8 weeks - 8,000 miles - 1969
8 weeks - 8,000 miles - 1969

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