Funny you should ask ... Tim Gamble

What are some of the most important elections you've voted in, and what made them important to you?

When I was a young boy, I asked my father if we were Republicans or Democrats. He said, “We’re Republicans.” I asked him what the difference was. He said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two of them. It’s all a march towards socialism. The Republicans aren’t as good at it as the Democrats, and I prefer to take my time before we all go over the cliff.” I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but I do now.

After World War II, the United States had it easy. Most of Europe and the Far East had been destroyed. It would take generations before the world could be rebuilt. And who was left standing to rebuild it? The Americans. After the GIs returned from war, they went to school, got married, had families, and were afforded every opportunity to do well rebuilding the world. By the 1960s, the recession from the declining war industries was replaced by the modern post war boom in consumer manufacturing—the promise of turning swords into plowshares. On his way out of office, Eisenhower warned about the “military-industrial complex.” The profit from war is too great a temptation to be abandoned by the industrialists. We may need a few “brush fires” to keep it all going. We can’t afford the billion dollars a day the second world war cost us, but we can certainly afford a few localized dust ups. After all, we need a proving ground for our new war technologies and the “on the job training” for young officers. We must keep up with our global adversaries. The unity we had from defending the world against a common enemy began to fade. The political parties began to bifurcate again. The Democrats were all about building their labor movement and the Republicans were all about growing and protecting their wealth from the Democrat onslaught. They both needed the government for their respective positions to prevail.

Kennedy famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” At the time, it seemed profound. It wasn’t. This sentiment had been used many times in many forms going back generations. The reason you must keep saying it is to remind the voters it’s a two-way street. The government is not there to give you everything you need, and the government can’t solve all your problems. You might also have to take some personal responsibility. People generally understood that, but the parties kept promising more and delivering less. As constituents, we learned that the politicians don’t have to do a good job if you have someone to blame for your poor performance or lack of action. Finger pointing and can kicking became the sport of politicians. We got used to their nonsense. As long as they stayed in their playpen and left the rest of us alone, no one much cared. We were all too busy rebuilding the world.

Things began to change when the government wanted to try out their new toys in the jungles of Vietnam. It’s just a police action, move on, nothing to see here. Two million GIs would disagree. Some fought for their country some fought for their buddies. No one thought it was a good idea, but they did their duty, honorably and with great sacrifice. Sixty thousand of them were silenced forever. That was the military-industrial complex raising its ugly head again. It turns out those little brush fires can quickly get totally out of control. At least Johnson threw an income tax surcharge on everybody to try and pay for his folly. Paying for things was still fashionable in those days.

Carter usually gets blamed for the hyperinflation of the 1970s, but it started with Nixon. He had the un-Republican idea of micromanaging the economy from Washington. He thought he could tamp down the inflation embers by taking us off the “gold standard” and hitting us with a wage and price freeze. It didn’t work. I was in retail at the time and found ways around his overbearance, so did most other business people. When Ford took over the presidency, he ran for reelection with his “WIN” button, “Whip Inflation Now.” It was all nonsense. By the time Carter got elected, the rest of the world started catching up with us industrially. We no longer had a monopoly on world trade. He looked at our situation, and for the first time in my life, I heard a Washington politician try to lower our collective expectations. Carter told us that our best days as a nation were behind us, and we should accept our fate. He did this all while expanding the money supply at the Federal Reserve. The net result was throwing gasoline on the inflation fire. Do you need any further proof that our government has no idea what it’s doing?

Reagan came in and reignited the spirit of America. We were again a shining city on a hill. The last and best hope for humanity. We needed to believe in something again after Nixon, Ford, and Carter, but we were still getting further and further away from the founding principles of our nation. The secret to Reagan’s success was his timing. He ignited the economy when he cut taxes just as the “Baby Boomers” were hitting the job market and spending their ever-increasing paychecks on everything they needed and everything they didn’t. I know. I took full advantage of their proclivity to “collect all the toys.” We followed that “rat in the snake,” the demographic bulge, through the most excessive buying years and sold those boomers absolutely everything. You couldn’t help but do well during those times. The strongest close was, “Hey lady, wait your turn.” Reagan’s contribution to the unsustainable debt were the COLAs, the automatic “cost of living increases” for Social Security recipients, guaranteeing that the system would go broke.

As the country was doing well, the labor movement wanted their share. They waited long enough. They called strike after strike. It always started with the steel workers, and then the iron workers. They go on strike for a new contract. They settle on an amount, throw a bunch of money in the pension funds for the union to steal and everyone was happy. Then it’s on to the auto workers. Then on to the teamsters and so on down the line until it’s time for the steel workers to strike again. The unions were flush with cash and political power. It didn’t last though. Reagan was a tough act to follow. He had us believing in ourselves again. He presided over the decline of the labor movement. It was all timing again. Twenty years earlier Nixon had “opened” China, Japan was rebuilt, Korea was almost there. Everyone was vying for a piece of the American market at the same time as the unions were pricing themselves out of business. The unions turned their energy full force to the public sector for survival.

The competition from nonunion alternatives was the only thing keeping the labor unions in check. They needed a power structure that couldn’t be offshored if they were going to make a comeback. The teacher’s unions and the government workers unions were the answer and they rose to power in the Democrat Party dominated by the progressive leftists.

There used to be conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans. Elections were merely which team was in power. The ideologies for each party were broader than they are now. The Republicans more or less emphasized the business interests, and the Democrats power base was the labor movement. In the nineties there was a big paradigm shift, liberal Republicans became Democrats and conservative Democrats became Republicans. The parties became tribal. The Republicans became globalists, and the Democrats became socialists. There was an unholy alliance against traditional American values. They both set about destroying the American manufacturing centers. The globalists shut down the factories so they wouldn’t have to put up with the overly demanding labor unions and the left made ever increasing demands on the government to backfill the jobs with public sector employment. What a scheme. The globalists didn’t care where their customers got their money as long as they kept on buying their goods. The Democrats were happy because they could leverage their power through public sector unions.

Kennedy was the first president to go over the 100-billion-dollar mark in the 1964 federal budget. In today’s dollars, that would equate to 1 trillion. The 2022 budget is over 5 trillion dollars. The federal government spends five times more than it did in 1964. What happened? The unholy alliance between the political parties grew the government as the employer of last resort after sending all the jobs overseas. This is unsustainable of course. But the gutless wonders in Washington can’t do anything about it. The remedies would be so unpalatable that no one would ever be elected to office by telling the ugly truth.

Has anyone ever carried the day by saying, “I promise to raise your taxes and cut your services”? “I promise to stop spending more than we take in and balance the budget”? No. Even though everyone knows that if you live on your credit cards, you’ll eventually go bankrupt. Elections have morphed into nothing more than giant vote buying schemes. The problem with vote buying is that it’s so expensive and you can’t buy someone’s vote just once. The voters expect you to buy their votes every time there’s an election. There is no more, “Who gets? Who pays?” Now, everybody gets, and nobody pays. The result, of course, is a disastrous 30 trillion-dollar national debt. Politicians can’t and won’t stop their profligate ways until they’ve destroyed the entire country. Former Prime Minister of the U.K., Margaret Thatcher, put it quite succinctly in 1944 when she said, “Socialism inevitably runs out of other people’s money.” We’re now out of other people’s money, including the generational theft of yet to be born American children’s wealth.

The socialists have been gathering momentum since the Progressives quit the Communist Party in the 1960s. They slowly began to rise in power inside the Democrat Party, polarizing them and pushing the party further and further to the left. There was a clear divide between the parties. Democrats wanted to grow the federal government and the Republicans didn’t. In 1995 the Republicans saw their chance to rein in government spending. The Congress, controlled by the Republicans for the first time in 40 years, approved and sent a budget featuring smaller growth in government spending to President Clinton for his signature. He refused to sign it and in an act of hubris accused the Republicans of shutting down the government. The Republicans capitulated and sent him a budget he could sign. In 2018 the Congress, under the control of Democrats this time, sent President Trump a budget he couldn’t sign. The Democrats accused Trump of shutting down the government. After 35 days he capitulated and signed the document proving that, no matter what, the Republicans will always be blamed for shutting down the government and the party of government will always be blameless.

To their credit, first Bill Clinton in 1998, then George W. Bush in 2005, made attempts to decouple, or privatize, the taxes collected for the Social Security Trust Fund from the general Treasury of the United States. The excess taxes, not immediately paid out to the Social Security recipients, were being used to subsidize the deficit spending by the Federal Government. By law, all the Federal Government had to do was replace the appropriated funds with a Treasury Bill IOU to be cashed later and they could add the money to the general fund. If this unsustainable practice continued the Social Security Trust would go bankrupt. Even if a portion of the tax proceeds had been saved and invested in government approved financial instruments, it would have been sheltered from the insatiable appetite of the government spenders.

Now it’s fashionable to be a Progressive in the Democrat Party. We watched as Bill Clinton’s famous declaration, “The era of big government is over,” give way to Obama’s promise to redistribute the wealth. He let it slip in the 2008 election that if you made over $30,000 a year you were rich, and your taxes would be going up. He was promptly admonished by the party for telling the truth, so he kept upping his baseline for tax increases until his party stopped complaining. He finally landed on anyone making less than $250,000 a year wouldn’t have their taxes increased. It was a big lie of course but no one was ever elected by leveling with the voters, no need to start now. The slip up wasn’t the 30,000-dollar number going to $250,000, it was the socialist’s belief that if you made over $30,000 a year you were rich, that there was a great need in the world to redistribute the American wealth not only domestically but to the world’s poor. Former Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio succinctly posited the Democrat philosophy when he said, “There is plenty of money in this world, and there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands. Democrats have to fix that.”

The Democrat strategy has always been to “run to the middle” and “govern from the left,” promise the voters whatever it takes to get elected and then further their cause. You don’t need to keep your campaign promises as long as you either have a good excuse for falling short or you can blame your failure on someone else. The approach is dishonest, but you have to be in power to make changes, big or small. The American electorate wasn’t buying it anymore and kept electing Republicans. Not to worry, they always overplay their hand too. As the progressives continued to take over the Democrats, they came to the conclusion that America was finally ripe for a socialist takeover. Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean famously said in 2004, “The way we’re going to win elections in this country is not to become Republican lite. The way we’re going to win elections in this country is to stand up for what we believe in.”

What they believed in was socialism, redistributing the wealth, and taking effective control of all business through government regulations. They ran their full-throated socialist, John Kerry, in 2004, but they didn’t win.

Not to be outdone in the vote buying bonanza was Bush Jr., the compassionate conservative. He saw the writing on the wall. The American electorate wanted more from their government. He was going to show them that Republicans knew how to buy votes too. He decided to give senior citizens subsidized medicines through Medicare without the taxes to pay for it. The national debt when he started was under 6 trillion dollars. By the time “The Compassionate Conservative” got done with his version of vote buying, the national debt was almost 11 trillion dollars. The one unforgivable act that Bush committed was the tax cuts of 2003, shielding millions of citizens from paying any federal income tax at all. Half of the people in the United States no longer had any “skin in the game.” They didn’t pay for any of the services, grants, or awards from the Federal government. Worse yet, the half who no longer paid any income tax could now vote to raise the taxes on the other half, who were already paying it all, and did.

We didn’t produce anything in this country anymore. We’d already shipped all the jobs to other countries. The only work left was selling insurance and flipping burgers. The unholy alliance had to come up with a solution or our economy would collapse. The answer they came up with was the subprime mortgage and the cheap car lease. To top it all off they threw in a couple of wars so the industrialists would be happy too. They tried to put everyone back to work building houses, making cars, and shooting up Iraq and Afghanistan. Spearheaded by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and George Bush, everyone in the government was “all-in.” What a mess that turned out to be. By 2008 it nearly destroyed the housing industry and the banking industry when all the unqualified buyers stopped paying their mortgages. The “Cash for Clunkers” program destroyed the used car market in 2009. The geniuses in Washington created “The Great Recession.”

People were looking for change. They found “Mr. Hope and Change,” Barack Obama. It was time for the socialists to make their final push to irrevocable power. By 2008 the socialists had taken over the popular culture, movies, television, the music industry, universities, and most of the major news outlets. The next targets were private industry, the Justice Department, the military, and the courts. We watched as the socialists took over the healthcare industry with the “Affordable Care Act.” It wasn’t as promised. It never is. They had all the right excuses. They always do. Next came the courts. Federal judges needed to be confirmed by the Senate. It used to take 60 votes for cloture until the Democrats changed the Senate rules and made it a simple majority so they could get their partisan judges on the bench without Republican interference. Obama appointed a near record 329 judges including 2 Supreme Court Justices.

In 2009 the TEA Party was formed in opposition to both the Democrat Party policies and Republican Party acquiescence. The conservative “grass roots” political organization exerted a growing influence over the Washington elites in the Republican Party in 2010 winning several elections. They were an existential threat to the socialists. They feared the movement would ignite a patriotic fervor that couldn’t be contained. They organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so they could raise money for their political cause. The Obama administration did their utmost to stop them. While allowing all Democrat 501(c)(3)s their exemption to operate, Lois Learner, director of the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service kept the TEA Party applications mired in a never-ending inquiry to expose all their backers effectively keeping them out of the 2012 election. She asserted her 5th Amendment rights and refused to testify at the 2013 congressional hearing on the IRS targeting of politically aligned groups. She was forced to retire in a haze of controversy with full pay and benefits. No doubt a payoff for a job well done.

Another socialist takeover scheme by the Obama administration was through the student loan program. During the 2008 campaign Obama proffered the idea of taking high school graduates and putting them through a mandatory 2-year government indoctrination camp. That idea didn’t get much traction. They had to come up with a more palatable scheme to accomplish the same goals. The idea morphed from camps to campuses. The left already controls the schools. If the barriers for admission were removed altogether, everyone could attend college, the socialists would have a ready audience to promote their causes without the reeducation camps.

To that end Obama ended the Federal Family Education Loan program which had worked well for decades and was replaced with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. It was all a guise to funnel money into the Democrat coffers through the universities and train new Marxists at the same time. A captive student could borrow money directly from the government, be indoctrinated, and pay the loan back when he or she left school. What could possibly go wrong?

The Democrats encouraged the students to “follow their bliss” and study whatever gave them the most joy, just keep borrowing money and listening to our propaganda. The universities raked in the cash through their increased tuition fees, much of which made its way back to the Democrat Party coffers as planned. The problem, of course, was that schools offered degrees which were totally worthless in the marketplace, giving students no chance of making enough money to pay back their obligations. The Democrats said, “Don’t worry. If you vote for us, we’ll work hard to see that your debt is forgiven.” Win, win, money and votes for the Democrats. The new HECRA programs have already loaned out nearly 2 trillion dollars, to students who don’t believe they will ever have to pay it back and they will vote in the hope of making that belief a reality.

We grew up believing that the compact we had with each other was the Constitution of the United States. It’s a simple document protecting individual rights from an overbearing government. All the laws that are enacted by the government had to fall within the limits of the Constitution by either their construction or their application. We all, by our citizenship, agree to live with each other under its protection and further agree to air our disputes peacefully through the court system. We agree to abide by the laws, both criminally and civilly, that our representatives enact. We agree to have those laws impartially and consistently enforced. We agree through our system of government to change the laws through our representatives when we want to amend or eliminate them. That all changed under Obama. He decided to “pick and choose” the laws he wanted his administration to enforce. He decided to make up his own laws by decree. The idea was to supplant the legislature’s authority for his own and have the issues worked out through the amenable, socialist-packed court system who also moved to render the elected representatives irrelevant by “legislating from the bench.” The Republicans didn’t care. They were, for the most part, happy with the profits from their globalist power structure. There were a few attempts by the “rank and file” electorate to reverse the situation and get everyone back to first principles, but they were met with fierce resistance from the ruling elites in both political parties.

We only have two viable political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. There are many more listed on the ballots but are of no consequence. To become a factor in either party you had to demonstrate your fealty through your ability to raise money, win a few local elections, and your willingness to communicate the party platform. The more successful and articulate you were determined how far you could go in the individual parties. John McCain and Russ Feingold tried to reduce the influence of money in politics and passed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. It was a blatant attempt by the Democrats to keep corporate contributions out of elections by giving the candidates the choice of taking campaign funds from the Federal government or by taking the new limited contribution maximums from private donations. McCain ran for president in 2008 against Obama each promising to only take government matching funds if they became their party’s nominee for President. After the conventions, when it came time to declare, McCain proudly took the matching funds and Obama took the private donations. Obama out raised McCain 2 to 1 and won the election. After that the Bipartisan Campaign Act was dead.

The reform act was a farce. It still allowed the unions to pour money into the Democrat coffers. At the same time a group called Citizens United had sued the Federal Election Commission to allow issue advertising paid by corporate interests. They won a narrow 5-4 decision in 2003 and the flood of corporate money flowed into the election cycles. It was the perfect storm. There were only two groups that mattered. The financiers of the Democrat Party and the financiers of the Republican Party. If you want their money, if you want to win elections, you will do their bidding. The American oligarchs were now in charge of both parties, one representing the interests of the capitalists and the other representing the interests of the socialists. No one was representing the interests of the American people anymore. Now who do you vote for? The capitalists have either sent your job overseas or replaced you with a nonunion robot. The socialists want to tear down the democracy and replace it with an authoritarian system. It’s a Hobson’s choice and everyone knows it. Less and less people opt to participate. The one’s who do decide to participate are more and more partisan and extreme.

During his Presidency, Obama tried to give amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA and DAPA programs. He could have passed these programs easily in 2009 with his veto proof Congress but chose instead to keep the issue alive for political reasons. In 2012 he signed an executive order declaring 800,000 non-citizens the right to stay in the country legally. He said he had no authority to do it, but he did it anyway. The Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration later rescinded the order but was reversed again by the Supreme Court in 2020 for not following the Administrative Procedures Act. Obama was correct in his thinking that he could govern by fiat and bypass the legislative branch if he could get the courts to back him up. We’re in uncharted territory now and a long way from “…of the people, by the people, for the people.” We’re now into “…of the government, by the government, for the government.” The Republicans knew it too. The showdown was in 2016 when Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative stalwart, suddenly died and left an opening on the Supreme Court for a third Obama pick that would flip the court from leaning conservative to a liberal bent. This was the socialist’s dream, a pathway to authoritarianism, the demise of the constitution, and the end of the United States as we know it. All that stood in their way was a Republican Senate who had already overwhelmingly approved the two left-wing Justices, Kagan and Sotomayor. Obama nominated DC Circuit Judge Merritt Garland for the position. The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell refused to bring it to a vote saying it was a Presidential election year and the public would be better served if the decision was left up to the voters and the new President to decide. The Democrats were furious. The Republicans knew if they didn’t win the election, the delay would be for naught.

In 2016 we were left with two political parties in complete turmoil. The Democrats were showing their socialist hand and the more conservative voters were uneasy with the rhetoric of the primary race between Clinton and Sanders. Half the party was ready for a Marxist takeover. The Republicans were in full revolt over the dynastic heritage of the GOP and the party crasher Donald Trump. It was clear that neither party had any solutions to the problems facing the country. Each side would espouse the same tired rhetoric. You and I could sit down and in twenty minutes solve every problem. Why can’t they? The answer is simple. They want issues not answers. They don’t want to solve problems; they want problems to solve. They raise more money on the issues than they do on the solutions.

Every election is the same. Democrats divide everyone into little interest groups, tell everyone how unfair their life is, and promise to fight hard for their causes. Republicans look at America as a set of ideals, a melting pot, a wondrous place where anyone with a little ambition can reach their potential and they promise to work hard for smaller more efficient government. In the end, when it comes time for the vote, they both degenerate into the politics of personal destruction with abortion as the “cherry on top.” Nothing ever gets done. As Reagan put it in 1986, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” That’s okay. Nobody expects the government to help anymore. They’ve long since been exposed as the frauds they are. The problem is that once the idiots in Washington discovered they don’t have to raise your taxes to buy your vote, they’ve been borrowing and spending money that the taxpayers have no chance of ever paying back.

Donald J. Trump won the Republican primary race in 2016. He was immediately approached by several globalist oligarchs who wanted to help him finance his general election campaign. He turned them down knowing he wouldn’t be able to accept their demands in return for their cash. He suggested instead they help with the down ballot races. This was the first Presidential candidate in my lifetime that wasn’t “bought and paid for.” Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat socialist elites both in the government and in the party. There was no chance she wouldn’t win the Presidency, but she messed up. We can argue about the extent of her crimes forever but there’s no argument that the entire Federal government came to her rescue and covered up her miscues. It wasn’t enough though. Trump won a narrow victory over Clinton. The socialist dream of taking over the U.S. government was on hold.

Trump won by default. No one was really sure who he was, but they did know what would happen if Hillary won. Twenty percent of Trump’s support came from the voters who wanted the conservatives to pick the next Supreme Court Justice. The next four years of constant chaos exposed the politicians and the bureaucracy to be the vicious myopic pariahs they are. They would do anything to protect their power and did. Trump bypassed the mainstream media filter and spoke directly to the American electorate. Most of us had a strong inkling about the incestuous nature of our government but none of us had any idea as to the extent of the dysfunction. Trump exposed it. Some called it the bureaucracy, some called it the “deep state,” Trump called it “the swamp” and promised to “drain” it. That scared the hell out of the Washington elites, and they fought back with a vengeance. They accused him of a litany of disqualifying behaviors including sexual assault, of being a Russian operative, of extortion, of election interference, of obstruction of justice and abuse of power, just to name a few. None of it stuck, but that was never the point of the exercise. It didn’t matter if the accusations were true or not, they were levied merely to diminish his credibility with the voters. It worked. Even though Trump presided over the best economy in generations his approval ratings were always hovering around 40 percent.

Trump ran on an America First instead of the traditional Government First or Party First agendas, setting up a battle between the American electorate and the combined forces of the globalists and socialists in both business and government. We knew for a long time that the only problems they gave any effort to solving were their own. Trump came along and upset the apple cart. He started solving unsolvable problems. He wasn’t an incestuous politician who came up through the ranks by proving his bona fides to the party, he was a problem-solving businessman. Instead of putting party over country, issues over answers, like everyone else who ever made it to the lofty pinnacles of power in Washington, he looked for and found practical solutions to some of the most vexing problems facing America. The successes were impressive. Among his biggest accomplishments were the appointments of 3 Justices to the Supreme Court and the hundreds of judges to the lower courts assuring that the Democrat’s vision of authoritarian government backed up by the courts would be stalled for generations.

After accomplishing more in four years than any other President in my lifetime, thwarting a socialist takeover, and showing us that the Washington elite structure, the unholy alliance of capitalists and Marxists was only there to keep its own power and feather its own nest, Trump and the America First agenda had to be stopped at all costs. For the Marxists to prevail every institution of first principles had to be diminished or destroyed. No longer celebrated in January each year, every day became “Opposite Day.” What was bad is good, what was good is now bad and everything of course was completely racist. It was all nonsense.

The 2020 election was muddled by the once in a century pandemic, Marxist riots, and a nationwide mail-in ballot scheme. The candidate selected in a compromise by the Democrats was Joe Biden when it looked like the Marxist Bernie Sanders had a chance to win the nomination. The solution was, if everyone threw their support to the Biden team for the Presidency, the Sanders team could write the party platform. It worked. Biden won the primary. Bernie’s leftist coalition wrote the platform. From his basement hideaway in Delaware Joe Biden promised to be the most Progressive candidate ever, undo all the Trump administration policies, and shut down the Corona virus. Biden rarely left his basement to campaign and still amassed 81 million votes in the general election, 7 million more than Trump, and 16 million more than Obama did in 2012. Something wasn’t quite right. In many voting precincts there were more votes cast than there were registered voters. By 2022 65% of the country believed the vote was fraudulent. History will tell.

Biden kept his promise to end the Trump administration policies. He ended our energy independence, opened the southern border to illegal immigration, abandoned our advantage in Afghanistan. Trump paid us to stay home in 2020, sending us big checks from the Federal government. The national debt ballooned to 26 trillion dollars from 19 trillion dollars. The national debt is now over 30 trillion dollars and climbing. The inflation rate in 2021, because of all the profligate spending and the tight job market, was over 6 percent. That’s on Trump. The 2022 inflation rate is over 8 percent. That’s on Biden. Stop juicing the economy. The unemployment rate is under 4 percent. Even the people who don’t want to work are working.

The next election is upon us. To answer the question, “What are some of the most important elections you’ve voted in, and what made them important to you?” They’re all important. After all, the compromise between crony capitalism and Marxism is authoritarianism. Would you like to live in Venezuela or North Korea, or perhaps China? We have to break up the unholy alliance of the Government First crowd.

What’s at stake in the next election? Take your pick: climate change, abortion rights, Supreme Court packing, the federal takeover of elections, the elimination of the Electoral College, Marxism, racism, multiculturalism being taught in all the schools, the confiscation of private property, the erosion of the Bill of Rights, and the authoritarian takeover of America, just to name a few. What could possibly go wrong with an open border welfare state? I don’t know but I’m sure they’ll throw a lot of money at all the problems while they endlessly study them, kicking their cans down the road, and pointing fingers at each other for their failure to improve the situation.

The solution is right in front of us. Don’t let the politicians spend more than they take in, make them stick to budgets. Make them prioritize their spending. Don’t let them camp out in Washington like they own the place, they don’t, we do. Don’t let them exempt themselves from the laws they pass always believing they’re above the law because they literally are. We need balanced budgets, term limits, and a return to first principles . I’m sure that will never appear on the ballot though, unless “we the people” call for a Convention of States as outlined in Article V of the Constitution and put it on the ballot. As Reagan put it, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” It’s our last and best hope for a course correction before we, as my father would say, all go over the cliff.



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